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Invest in VasoGnosis

This is the only time we opened fundraising to the public, so there is a limited window.

VasoGnosis is NOW LIVE on SeedInvest, an investment platform providing individual and institutional investors access to highly-vetted investment opportunities!

That means you can invest in VasoGnosis during our 45-day fundraising campaign which is now live. This is the only time we opened fundraising to the public, so there is a limited window. During this time, we must hit our fundraising target for it to be considered a successful campaign. If we fall short, the money is returned back in full to the investors.

  • SeedInvest accepted less than 1% of the 40,000+ companies that have applied.
  • There are now over 350,000+ investors on the platform.
  • To date they have raised $185M+ for over 150 startups across all industries and stages.
  • The minimum investment for non-accredited investors is $1,000 USD.
  • The minimum investment for accredited investors is $10,000 USD.

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